Lifesize Gatekeeper™ - Management of IP telephony and video
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Lifesize GatekeeperIP Communications Management
LifeSize Gatekeeper is a high-performance, standards-compliant H.323 gatekeeper that provides comprehensive, intelligent management of IP telephony and video communications networks.

LifeSize Gatekeeper ensures optimal bandwidth utilization to deliver carrier grade, best-quality call completion and video communications over any network and any protocol.


Complete Gatekeeper Functions
Everything that is needed to simply and easily define, control and manage video, voice and data traffic over IP networks – no matter how large or complex.


Lifesize Gatekeeper

Easy, Intuitive Dialing for Users
Systems registered to a gatekeeper allow PSTN like dialing (ex. 123-456-7890). LifeSize Gatekeeper provides users configurable dial plans as an option instead of using IP addresses for dialing.

Register MCUs, Endpoints and Gateways
And most MCUs and gateways must be registered to a gatekeeper as a key component in the IP management function. .

The Result
High availability IP communications and better user experience for the best return on video communications investments.

Features and Benefits:
H.323 gatekeeper – high performance, standards-based
Intuitive web-based user interface
User configurable dial plan – URL addressing and multi-sub zones for complete bandwidth control and optimization
Authentication and director service support (H.350)
Multi-tiered hierarchical support and zone management
Real-time event management

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