LifeSize Networker™ - IP und ISDN Gateway
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Lifesize NetworkerLifeSize Networker

LifeSize Networker™ - ein Gateway für eine oder mehrere gleichzeitige Verbindungen zwischen IP und ISDN Netzwerken.

Enhanced Gateway
LifeSize Networker provides an all-in-one, enhanced gateway for integration between IP and ISDN networks. This compact device offers multiple compact network interfaces allowing users to connect LifeSize RoomTM with legacy video systems.

High Value Solution
Simply the highest-value, most cost effective gateway on the market. LifeSize Networker can be configured for single-use with the LifeSize Room system. Leverage LifeSize Networker to provide maximum connectivity to users, ensure seamless IP to ISDN calls and utilize the most cost effective networking for your organization.

Multiple, Compact Network Interfaces
LifeSize Networker provides one gateway with several interfaces including:
1 x LAN/Ethernet (10/100) to connect LifeSize Room

Gateway Features
Full-featured gateway including multiple audio and video standards providing a complete high definition solution regardless of network connectivity.

The Result
The result is simple, cost effective IP to ISDN connectivity for multi-vendor video and voice communications and high quality conferencing.

Features and Benefits
Highest value gateway on the market
Real-time gateway for IP to ISDN networks
Multiple interfaces: LAN, ISDN PRI, ISDN BRI
Web-browser interface

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